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Terms & Conditions
Limited Warranty

 Terms & Conditions:   

Watches sent in for a repair quote will be diagnosed by us to require one of five different service levels (quick care, basic, intermediate, complete or complete plus).  If our proposed service is declined by you, a $25 repair decline fee will be charged.  Watches with 30-days past due charges from unpaid/underpaid service decline fee and/or invoiced repair fees are treated as abandoned property, disposed of and are not be returned to the customer.  

Only one (1) watch may be sent in one (1) box shipment to us for repair.  If you need to send more than one watch at the same time for repair, please send each watch separately (separate shipment with its own repair form). 

 All repairs require prepayment.  We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express directly via Paypal, but no personal checks or money orders without prior authorization.  Credit Card Charges will post on your statement originating from Bestfix Watch Company, Inc. (BfW Co., Inc.).  
If your browser was redirected to this paragraph after attempting to pay via Paypal, it means that your order was NOT successfully processed with Paypal.  Please attempt to resubmit your payment or contact us for assistance. 

Shipping and handling are calculated at checkout, and are NOT included in any published prices.

All service and watch parts are non-refundable, and parts may only be exchanged if incorrect as a result of BfW Co's mistake.  Watch bracelets and straps are non-returnable and non-refundable.  Our remedy should you require assistance with a warranted repair, is to evaluate your watch and to provide warranted repairs, and/or to advise you that the repairs necessary are not covered by the limited warranty and to propose additional repairs not covered by the limited warranty.  NO REFUNDS are provided.

We reserve the right to change pricing, and/or cancel sales promotions at any time, without notice. 

We also reserve the right to refuse service to any person, for any reason, and at any time.  

Watches that do not pass our basic service pressure test for water-resistance verification to 30m or 3 bar/atm will result in the owner being notified of the need for additional service.

We are not liable for damages/defects to the watch that are present when the watch is received by us, and this will be documented.  

Watch gift boxes arriving with the watch will not be returned.  BfW is not responsible for watch gift boxes sent by the customer, and we do not have the storage space to retain these boxes.  Accordingly, they are discarded with your packaging materials.  It is NOT safe to ship the watch in its original gift box, as it does not provide adequate protection and encourages postal pilfering and theft.  

Watch repair invoices not paid for within 30 days will be returned with no refund of repair quote or repair decline fees. 

Failure to complete, agree to and sign the repair authorization and shipping form, and to submit this form with your watch for its repair quote, will result in refusal of service, and an administrative fee of $30 will be assessed to cover the cost to return ship your watch to you.  Alternatively your watch may be returned to you, at our discretion, via USPS C.O.D. (cash on delivery) for $30.

Purchaser agrees to notify BestFix Watch Company in writing via email of any problem or concern with a repair that is in process or completed PRIOR to filing a complaint with a 3rd party.  If you need warranty assistance with a watch we have repaired, please visit our warranty assistance page and allow us the opportunity to evaluate your repaired watch, and recommend a solution.  We have thousands of satisfied customers and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

If you fail to indicate an insurance value on your watch (sent for repair or dropped off with a prepaid estimate), our maximum liability will be $100, and the watch will be insured for no more than $100 when mailed back to you.

Watches with damage to crystals, bracelets, clasps, crowns, push buttons, etc. and/or "Limited Edition" Kinetic models, Chronograph Kinetics (with a stop watch feature), Arctura/Sportura-series Kinetics and professional "dive" watch Kinetics (with screw-down crowns and/or ratcheting/turning bezels), and some other models of Seiko Kinetic watches may require additional service not included in our four service levels.  The repair quote process may yield a repair price higher than one or our service levels in order to properly repair these types of watches.

Our PRIVACY POLICY is available at this LINK - PRIVACY POLICY.

Warranty does NOT cover abuse, neglect, modification/tampering, shock or water damage of any type.  More information on the limited warranty is available below.


We are not liable for damages to the watch that are apparent when the watch is received by us.  If damage is found during the intake assessment, it will be noted and photographed, and you will be advised of this damage in writing (via email) prior to repairs being performed. 

We are not responsible for articles lost or damaged in shipping/transit to or from our facility.  We will ONLY ship your watch back to you at the address YOU specified on your original Shipping/Repair Authorization Form in the continental USA or Hawaii.  We do NOT ship to Puerto Rico, Guam, or the US Virgin Islands.  We do NOT ship to Canada.  Do NOT ask. 

 PROOF of VALUE - The value you declare on the Shipping & Repair Authorization form should be for a watch in working condition, and you MUST have PROOF OF VALUE for your watch in the unlikely even that it is damaged or lost in transit to or from our facility.  Acceptable forms of PROOF of VALUE may include:

  • A Dated Sales Receipt for the Watch
  • Invoice of Original Purchase of the Watch
  • A Credit Card Statement for the Purchase of the Watch
  • Other Proof of a Completed Internet Transaction (from when you purchased the watch)
  • A Professional Jeweler's Appraisal of Value of the Watch

The amount you indicate on the Shipping & Repair Authorization Form is for declaration purposes ONLY, and is NOT considered acceptable PROOF of VALUE.

When your watch is mailed back to you we will request and pay for insurance from the United States Postal Service for the amount YOU indicated on the repair/shipping authorization form.  This means that, should the watch be lost or damaged in shipment (rare), we will file an insurance claim with the United States Postal Service on your behalf, for the amount you indicated on the Repair Shipping Authorization Form.  HOWEVER, the USPS may request PROOF of VALUE (see above).  If the USPS requests PROOF of VALUE for your watch, and you are unable to provide acceptable proof of value, the USPS may DENY any insurance claim beyond the amount you paid for repairs. 

BfW Co. Inc. assumes NO responsibility for your watch while in transit to or from our facility.  Accordingly, you are advised to select the carrier of your preference for shipping the watch to us, and to insure the watch for its replacement value.  We recommend you only send ONE watch at a time, or one watch per BOX to us, and that you send your watch via a track-able means.  We do NOT answer questions about your watch's arrival status.  Check to see if your watch has arrived by TRACKING it with the carrier YOU utilize.  If you have an increased concern for the security of your watch during shipment, our website recommends that you ship the watch to us via ONLY USPS Registered Mail, insured for an amount YOU can defend with PROOF of VALUE, that you request USPS Registered Mail return shipment when you complete your Repair Shipping Authorization Form, and that you select USPS Registered Mail when you PAY for your repair in our service cart.  USPS Registered Mail is the most secure form of transit for a valuable item. 

BfW Co. utilizes USPS Priority Mail (insured) for sending your repaired Seiko Kinetic watch back to you.  We will ONLY send the watch to the address you indicate on the shipping form - provided that this address is the SAME address as your billing address (if paying by credit card).  We will insure the watch for the value YOU indicate on the shipping form; however, you should be aware that simply declaring an arbitrary value for your watch on the shipping form, and attempting to file a claim for a lost or damage watch (RARE), may not result in you being paid the value you declare.  Therefore, if you are going to value your watch at a specific amount, be prepared to defend this amount with a formal appraisal by a third party (jeweler) and/or with a receipt for the watch when purchased new. 

If you send a watch via United States Postal Service, and insure it for $50 or less, USPS is now authorized to leave this level of insured parcel without signature, and we will NOT be responsible for the watch's safe arrival.  Please insure your watch for at least $100 to insure that it will be signed for. 

If you are signing for your repaired watch and notice that our blue and white security tape has been cut open or tampered with, DO NOT SIGN FOR THE WATCH.  Tell the postman that you would like your watch taken back to the postal facility and left with the supervisor of the facility.  You should then go to the post office and open the package in the presence of the postmaster's supervisor.  This way, if there has been pilfering or loss of the watch, you will have a witness, and can more easily file a loss claim.  This is also true if your are about to sign for a registered package.  If the brown tape does not have red date stamps on ALL of the seams, or appears to have been opened, DO NOT SIGN FOR OR ACCEPT THE PACKAGE.  Have it returned to the postmaster supervisor at your local post office, and then schedule an appointment with the postmaster to open the parcel in his or her presence. 

If you receive a repaired watch from us, and then YOU decide to ship it to another destination, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WATCH's SAFE ARRIVAL AT THE SECOND DESTINATION.

 Limited Warranty:

If you believe your repaired watch is not working properly due to the new Lithium-Ion battery that we replaced and charged (basic and intermediate service), and/or the work performed on your repaired or replaced movement (complete/full service or complete plus service), please visit our Warranty Assistance page for instructions on how to return your watch for a warranty evaluation.  You will be responsible for inbound shipping charges associated with any warranty evaluation request and a $15 fee to cover the processing of your evaluation.  If the watch is found to have a problem excluded by our limited warranty, you will be informed of any additional charges necessary to repair the watch.  Declined service on non-warranty repairs is subject to a $25 return service/shipping fee.   Watches arriving without the proper warranty evaluation request form or required pre-paid warranty fee may have service delayed or denied.  

"Our limited warranty does NOT cover abuse, neglect, modification, tampering, shock or water damage of any type." 

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WATER DAMAGE and the limited warranty will NOT pay to repair WATER damage.  If your watch does not have a "screw-down" crown, and a water resistance level of at least 100 meters/165 feet or 10ATM/bar or more, then it is NOT designed for ANY type of exposure to high-pressure or high-temperature water (swimming, shower, sauna, hot tub, etc.)  Translation, if we repair your watch, and you decide to take it swimming, bathing, showering, hot tubing, jet skiing, water skiing, etc, and it floods, and you contact us to ask about your limited warranty, our reply will be, "We are sorry, the limited warranty does not cover water damage of any type.  When you sent the watch in for repair, you signed a statement to this effect.  You can send the watch for a warranty evaluation, but water damage NOT covered."  Some customers have stated, "But I have worn my Seiko 30M/3ATM or 50M/5ATM watch (in the shower, in the hot tub, in the sauna, while water skiing) for 15 years and it has never leaked like this or flooded."  Our reply has always been and will remain, "We are sorry that your luck has run out, but your 30M/50M watch was NEVER designed for that type of activity."  Hopefully this makes our position quite clear.

Repairs and/or parts have a limited warranty which was specified on your estimate/repair invoice and are dependent on the service performed as follows:

  • Basic Service = one-year (L-Ion ESU only)
  • Intermediate Service = 1.5 years (L-Ion ESU and consumption specification only)
  • Complete Service = 2 years (L-Ion ESU, any replacement parts, and all work performed to movement)
  • Complete Plus Service = 3 years (L-Ion and all movement work and parts)
Should the watch fail to function during the limited warranty period, purchaser is responsible for the postage required to send the watch for warranty repair.  BfW will replace or recondition (at our option) any defective L-Ion ESU and fully charge the watch, and return it to you at our expense.  If more work is required you will be advised of the additional cost to make repairs to the watch, often at a discounted rate from our full repair prices.

Our limited repair warranty extends only to BfW Co's re-attempts of the original repair.  Repaired watches that have been opened and/or tampered with will void your limited repair warranty, AND WE WILL NOT HONOR THE WARRANTY OR REFUND ANY REPAIR PAYMENTS.  This includes sending your watch to an "authorized repair facility" after we have repaired it, which will viod your repair warranty.  IF YOU DECIDE TO SEND THE WATCH TO SOMEONE ELSE AFTER WE HAVE REPAIRED IT, AND DURING THE WARRANTY PERIOD, THIS IS AT YOUR COST, AND YOU WILL NOT BE REIMBURESED OR REFUNDED ANY MONIES BY BFW CO.  If ANYONE opens the watch's case back and breaks the unique external and INTERNAL seal markers we have created, your warranty with BestFix Watch is VOID/WORTHLESS.  (Translation = you will receive no warranty service, and/or your warranty repair will be denied.)  NOTICE: If you file a fraudulent charge back for service with your credit card company, even if the charge back is reversed, your limited warranty will be VOID.

Case and bracelet parts including crowns/stems, crystals, dials, hands, case backs, bracelet links, etc. are NOT covered by our limited repair warranty. 

Seiko is the registered trademark of Seiko Corporation of America. 
Not affiliated with Seiko in any way. 
Trademarks used here are the property of their respective owners.

 Thank you!  Your order has been received.  If your browser was redirected to the bottom of this page after you completed purchase for service via Paypal, then we have received your order.  Please refer to your original email invoice for specific information regarding your repair and the time frame quoted for service.